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Sponges makes it easy and affordable to get exactly what you need, at a price you can afford. Let us be your source for everything needed for any cleaning task at hand. Whether your scouring your kitchen or scrubbing your grill, our line of sponges and scrubbing pads are guaranteed to make cleaning and scrubbing simple. We stock sponges that can be used for eliminating stains and marks on walls, spills on floors, cleaning bathroom fixtures, scrubbing tile and grout lines, cleaning vents and ceilings, office equipment and patio furniture, work surfaces or car interiors, and for removing crayon and marker from walls and other surfaces. For commercial kitchen applications, we stock S.O.S Scrubber Sponges and stainless steel scrubbers that can be used to cut through the toughest grease used on walls, countertops, utensils and stainless steel stove hoods. Shop our website 24/7 to find the best products for the job, including the top supermarket products, professional products, specialty items and more.