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Furniture Cleaners

When polishing your furniture use old cloths, terry toweling, cotton knitwear or flannel cloths. Soft paper towels can also be safely used and will give excellent results. Types of cloths to avoid: coarse material, old clothing that may have buttons, snaps or trim that will scratch the finish and synthetics or permanent press fabrics which will not absorb moisture or excess oils. For extra convenience and great results, try our OLD ENGLISH® Furniture Wipes. Protect, clean and rejuvenate your furniture or other nonporous surfaces for a lasting shine without a waxy buildup. Polish, condition, dust , remove allergens and more. Choose from a wide selection of aerosol sparys, premoistened wipes and liquid polishes that make dusting and polishing a breeze, leaving behind a fresh scent. Shop at for a complete line of furniture polishes from Behold, Pledge, Endust and Murphy Oil, wax and non-wax formulas