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Scouring Pads & Sticks

Stains baked into my glass bakeware were no match for the Scotch-Brite Natural Scour Pad. But the best part is the gentle way the scouring pad is able to clean without gouging or scratching the surfaces of my dishes. Gentle enough to use for daily cleaning, yet tough enough to stand up to disasters, this Scotch-Brite scour pad is a powerful tool that uses natural fibers to get surfaces brilliantly clean. For the contractor and janitor looking for doodle bugs and doodle pads, you have come to the right place. We have doodle bugs and doodle bug holders for all of your heavy duty scrubbing and stripping applications. Our premiere swivel doodle bug kits and pads are perfect for cleaning up the baseboards, corners and edges during the floor refinishing process. For the professional, check out our swivel Carlise stripping doodle brush, the pros choice. We have all of your specialty detail cleaning tools in stock ready to ship. Our customer staff is fully trained and experienced to answer your questions and help you solve any cleaning problem.