CleanSMART Foam Dispensing Unit Individual (NCL4119)

Price: $711.75
CleanSmart allow you to conveniently apply heavy, clinging foam degreaser and sanitizer in properly diluted solutions. Rugged, durable high-impact plastic construction for long lasting performance in institutional settings. Ensures worker safety by eliminating chemical handling. Unit includes: 6' Hose

Product Description


3 button dispensing unit, complete with WATTS™ constant pressure backflow prevention device, 2 HANDI RACK™ Round gallon racks, chemical supply tubing, preset flow tips, hose gun with foaming attachment. Mounting hardware included.

Key Market Information

The CleanSMART™ system was developed with retail, particularly supermarkets in mind. Conveinent and accurate dilution in food prep and butcher rooms. Workers can easily go from foaming to rinsing to sanitizing with a unique adjustable foaming spray nozzle
Code: 4119
Packaging: Each 16 lb.


1. Remove cover and attach unit to wall using hardware provided.

2. Install chemical inlet tube on hose barb with metering tip in place. Attach Bottle Connector Cap to other end of tube and connect to chemical product. Replace cover.

3. Connect water inlet hose with 3/4" male garden thread to female swivel at left side of unit. Tighten to avoid leaking.

4. Connect discharge hose to male 3/4" discharge provided at bottom of unit. Using 1/2" or 3/4" bracket and screws provided, secure discharge hose to wall about 12" below unit. This will help to prevent stress on the discharge fitting when tugging on the hose occurs. Hose of 1/2" ID is recommended if the hose length will be 25 feet or less. 3/4" ID hose may be needed if the total length of the hose will exceed 25 feet. Attach appropriate spraying or foaming gun (and ball valve or quick connect) to end of discharge hose.

5. Turn on water supply to unit. Minimum 25 PSI water pressure is required to operate the unit.

6. Turn on product valve to begin proportioning and dispensing. Slide selector switch to either side for product dispensing. Center position provides full volume rinse.


Miscellaneous Documents CleanSmart Foam Dispensing Unit Product Manual

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