GMT 105044 GMT Industrial-Quality Steel Wool Reel, #1 Medium, 5-lb Reel

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  • Includes 5-lb, reel, six reels per case.
  • Gently abrasive.
  • Excellent for both scrubbing and buffing tasks.
  • Easy to dispense.

Gently abrasive steel wool planes without scratching like grit-based alternatives. Wide range of available ratings allows you to tailor your purchase for either scrubbing or buffing tasks. Roll dispensing enables the creation of custom pad shapes and sizes. #1 Medium. Scouring Pads/Sticks Type: Pad; Material(s): Steel Wool.

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Item Number: GMT105044
Lead Time: 1-2 business days
Weight: 33.0000 lbs.
Sold By: Case