Carlisle's Polypellet System

  • PolyPellet can be heated in any convection, air-style heater, microwave, or in small quantities in a convection oven
  • Dishwasher safe; limited two-year warranty against breakage, cracking, and warping of pellet base
  • Ideal for late trays, off-hour deliveries, and perfect for smaller facilities
  • PolyPellet is crack-resistant and won't swell or leak like wax-filled and unitized bases
  • Compatible with almost all standard institutional meal service products, including dome lids and narrow rim 9' plates
  • 9' Tempware Melamine 3-Compartment Deep Dish Plate has deep walls to allow for ease of self feeding by patients with dexterity problems; safe for temperatures up to 180┬░F