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Skin Care & Personal Hygiene

From baby wipes to feminine care dispensers and receptacles to shampoos, conditioners and body washes, Source Supply has all the personal hygiene products that you need.

Whether for a baby or an adult, we carry a variety of baby wipes that will get the job done. You can choose from our selection of scented, unscented, hypoallergenic, and alcohol free baby wipes to fit your specific needs. Source Supply offers quality and affordable baby wipes that are ideal when soap and water are not available.
  • Includes four bottles of lotion soap.
  • Economical.
  • Provides germ-killing action with 0.3% Chloroxylenol (PCMX).
  • For general restroom use.
  • Flat-top container.


  • Includes six cassette refills.
  • For use with KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Skin Care Cassette Dispenser (Kimberly-Clark Professional* 92144, sold separately).
  • Fresh pump with each refill.
  • Offers 1,000-ml (1-liter) capacity for less refilling than with standard 800-ml refills.
  • Easy recycling when pump is removed.


  • Includes four 1200 ml sealed cartridges per case.
  • Effective against most common bacteria, helps prevent infections.
  • Contains more than 1,700 hand washes per cartridge.
  • Mild to skin, even after repeated use.
  • Pleasant fragrance with no chemical odor.
  • 1200 ml sealed cartridges reduce the need to refill often and eliminates threat of contamination.


  • Includes two bag-in-box hand cleanser refills.
  • Specifically formulated to clean the toughtest dirts, including grease and tar, without petroleum or other harsh solvents.
  • Contains aloe vera.
  • Contains polymer beads for scrubbing without the abrasion associated with other grits.


  • Includes four soap refills.
  • Luxurious lotion soap with vitamins A and E.
  • Cleans hands gently, even through frequent use.
  • Easy-to-load, sanitary, no-leak refill for GOJO® NXT® dispenser GOJO® 2130-06 (sold separately).
  • No-clog valve.


  • Includes eight 1 liter liquid soap cartridges per case.
  • Contains emollients and skin conditioners to ensure mildness making it ideal for frequent hand washing.
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness helps prevent growth of bacteria and yeasts.
  • Perfect for any commercial setting including healthcare facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, daycare and more.


  • Includes two hundred 2.5 oz. bars per case.
  • Bacteria fighting abilities.
  • Long lasting deodorant protection.
  • Ideal in healthcare, hotel or industrial settings.
  • Thick, rich lather energizes your senses.


  • Includes one soap dispenser.
  • Mounts through 1" diameter hole in lavatory or countertop.
  • Top-filling, locking cover and free-turning spout design.
  • Corrosion-resistant valve dispenses liquid soaps.
  • 4" spout, cover and escutcheon have bright polished finish; body and 4" shank made of high impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • 34-fl. oz. capacity.


  • Includes four lotion soap bag-in-box refills.
  • High-performance, gentle antibacterial lotion soap.
  • Ideal for cleaning light soils.


  • Includes one soap dispenser.
  • High-capacity.
  • For foam or lotion soap cassettes.
  • See-through window.
  • Fresh pump with each refill for greater hygiene and a better image.
  • 1-liter capacity so you refill less often than standard 800 mL refills.


  • Includes two bag-in-box hand cleaner refills.
  • Easily removes tough, sticky soils and adhesives.
  • Unique blend of cleaners and gentle scrubbers.
  • Ideal for plant-wide use, body shops or wherever difficult soils are found.
  • Apply to dry hands, then rinse.
  • Non-drying formula.


  • Includes eight 1000 ml refills per case.
  • Formula combines mild cleansers with 0.6% chloroxylenol (PCMX), a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent.
  • Contains lotion for gentle and smooth hand washing.
  • Concentrated soap packaged in easy-to-load, sanitary, no-leak refill pouches for easy storing and handling.
  • Features dispensing valve.


  • Includes four bottles of liquid soap.
  • Broad-spectrum formula kills bacteria, yeast and mold.
  • Extra mild, yet meant for very frequent hand washing.
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested for the most sensitive skin.


  • Includes one surface-mounted soap dispenser, 40 oz with concealed, vandal-resistant mounting.
  • Attractive, satin-finished stainless steel.
  • Corrosion-resistant valve.
  • Refill-indicator window.
  • Lockable hinged top.
  • Concealed, vandal-resistant mounting.


  • Includes 6 canisters of 75 disinfectant wipes each.
  • Bleach-free, premoistened wipes clean and disinfect in one step; kill 99.9% of bacteria, including staph and salmonella.
  • Ideal for day care centers, offices, schools and restaurants.


  • Includes one soap dispenser and mounting screws.
  • Durable, push-type dispenser holds one 3-1/2-liter or 8-liter refill (sold separately).
  • Soap level view window.
  • Mounts to wall with screws (included).


  • Includes six cassette refills.
  • Luxury foam hand cleanser with .5% Triclosan.
  • For use with Kimberly-Clark Professional Skin Care Cassette Dispenser (sold separately).
  • Nonmedicated, antibacterial formula.
  • Fresh pump with each refill.


  • Includes one soap dispenser.
  • Two-tone styling in black and gray.
  • Push-in valve directs operating pressure toward wall.
  • Corrosion-resistant valve dispenses liquid soaps, lotions and synthetic detergents.
  • Translucent container for soap level visibility.
  • Concealed wall fastening.
  • Easy top-filling.
  • 40-fl. oz. capacity.


  • Includes twelve 800 ml flex pack refills per case.
  • Economical, high-quality hand soap contains Triclosan™ for effective antibacterial protection.
  • Light, pleasing fragrance.


  • Includes eight 1 liter bottles per case.
  • Active ingredient Triclosan™ kills broad spectrum of bacteria and yeasts.
  • Contains emollients and skin conditioners.


  • Includes one soap dispenser.
  • Dispenses liquid soaps, lotions, E4-Rated antibacterial soaps and detergents.
  • 20-gauge, one-piece stainless steel construction.
  • Hinged filler-top with key lock and unbreakable refill window for vandalism protection.
  • 40-fl. oz. capacity.


  • Includes two bag-in-box hand cleaner refills.
  • Quick-acting lotion formula cleans a broad range of industrial soils, medium dirts and grease.
  • Contains pumice scrubbing particles.


  • Includes two 1.5 liter refills per case.
  • Smooth, foaming hand wash.
  • Kills germs.


  • Includes four buckets of 130 towels.
  • Premoistened towels quickly clean light greases and oils.
  • Ideal for job sites where water is not immediately available.


Safe disposal of sanitary waste in women’s washrooms is an everyday need. Source Supply offers a wide range of quality feminine care dispensers and receptacles for your office or business. Hospeco, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, and Bobrick are just some of the brand name products we carry. Disposal of sanitary waste needs to be safe, responsible and with minimum harm to the environment. Here at Source Supply, you can find the feminine care dispensers and receptacles that will allow the disposal of sanitary waste to be clean and safe.

Source Supply is a distributor of a large selection of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. Our fresh and fragrant shampoos, conditioners, and body washes were developed to gently cleanse and condition your skin and hair. We offer body washes and shampoos that are ideal for use in health clubs and fitness centers.