Description :

Dust Mop Treatment

Treat your mop heads with any dust mop treatment from Source Supply to create a dust magnet! Our treatment solutions were designed with dust in mind, and help to trap and collect dust on commercial flooring. Trust Source Supply to carry the brands you trust for dust mop treatments. Order from our wholesale selection of dust mop treatments today! 
  • 4/1 Gal. Case
  • 100% active oil treatment for dust mops and dust cloths. Removes dust, cleans and preserves floors, fine furniture, wood paneling and similar surfaces...


  • 4/1 Gal. Case
  • Wax emulsion type dust mop treatment designed for mops, cloths or direct applications to floors. Water soluble, non-flammable....


  • 12/18 oz Aerosol Case
  • Blended emulsifiers and surfactants attract and control germ-filled dust from rising during cleaning applications. Restores the natural shine to floor...