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Floor Dusters & Accessories

  • Source Supply carries the industry leading brands of floor duster cloths and frames. From Swiffer, to UNISAN, and even Rubbermaid, you can trust Source Supply to have all of your floor duster needs in stock. Order from our wholesale selection of mops, floor dusters and accessories to maintain a dust-free commercial floor. 
  • Includes six boxes of 16 refill cloths each.
  • Fits 17" wide Swiffer Max® sweeper.


  • Includes 12 dust mop heads per case.
  • High-pile, 100% microfiber collects and holds dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically.
  • Dense ultra-fine quality fiber with fringed edges remove dust, dirt and bacteria.
  • Machine-washable; withstands more than 500 washings.


  • Includes one frame.
  • Lightweight, non-magnetic aluminum construction.
  • One-step connecting mechanism speeds mop assembly and changeover.
  • Flat profile, slides easily under furniture and equipment.
  • Replaceable hook-and-loop strips secure cleaning pads and extend product life.


  • Includes one frame.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • Conforms to shape of surface being cleaned.
  • Unique arc shape.
  • Crack- and split-resistant.


  • Includes three mops per case.
  • Removes dust, dirt, hair and allergens from floors, furniture and electronics.
  • Use with disposable Swiffer® cloths (sold separately).
  • Lightweight swivel head adjusts to get into hard-to-reach places.
  • Use with dry or wet cloths.
  • Mop handle breaks down into four parts for storage and to adjust length.


  • Includes one frame.
  • Zinc-plated, rust-resistant 1/4" black wire with rounded ends.
  • Accepts Clip-On Handle (sold separately).


  • Includes 12 damp mop heads per case.
  • Microfiber cleaning system provides innovative solutions designed for proven superior performance in maintaining healthy, safe environments.
  • Microfiber Flexi Frame is designed to gather and collect dirt, hair and other debris.
  • Save time and money when you can clean hard-to-reach places with ease.


  • Includes one dust mop head.
  • Triangle-shaped wedge mop for dusting in corners and other tricky spots.
  • Reaches under equipment and behind furniture for easier dusting.


  • Includes dust mop handle.
  • Hassle-free snap-on design.
  • Lockable, 360° swivel collar.
  • Easy-to-sanitize handle.


  • Includes five mop heads.
  • Multi-surface applications.
  • High-performance design.
  • Ultra-durable, long-lasting microfiber construction.
  • For use with the Pace® 60 High-Impact Cleaning System (sold separately).



  • Includes one mop handle, mop frame and solution bottle.
  • Rapid, efficient cleaning.
  • Works on a variety of hard-surface floors.
  • Uses less water and chemicals.
  • Can be used for damp, wet or dry mopping.