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Paint, Graffiti & Gum Removers

Graffiti is the number one type of vandalism effecting America today, costing home owners, businesses and the government millions of dollars in graffiti removers and labor to remove unwanted damage. At we have just what you need to tackle the toughest vandals. Graffiti removal has never been simpler or more effective than using one of Source Supply’s many paint and graffiti removal chemicals. Within seconds, graffiti coatings and paints are dissolved to be simply wiped or rinsed off with water. Keep your surfaces looking beautiful and the graffiti thieves away by shopping at for your paint and graffiti removal products. You may find more about graffiti removers and graffiti removal tips in our education resource center.

SAFETTY TIP Your safety is important. We recommend, as with any chemicals, to wear safety goggles with shielded sides for your eye protection as well as chemical resistant gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes. Only use products in well ventilated areas, and we suggest testing product in a small hidden area to determine if remover should be used on whole application. Chemical sprayer should not be used in high winds, and never have a fire present when chemicals are being used. MSDS are available for each product.