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Electronics Cleaners

Electronics get dirty like everything else, and now there’s a way to keep them clean! In stock at Windex® Electronics Cleaner & Windex Electronics Wipes for your most valuable electronics. Let Windex, the name you trust, with their gentle formula of cleaners remove the dust, dirt and grime from all of your household electronics, leaving behind only our famous streak-free shine. Windex® Electronics Cleaner and Windex® Electronics Wipes. Use our Windex® Electronics Cleaner for a streak-free shine on all of your electronics – and for even more convenience on the go, try our pre-moistened Windex® Electronics Wipes. Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, shop today!
  • Includes one tub of 70 cleaning wipes.
  • Specially formulated to safely clean LCD and Plasma screens, notebooks, keyboards, touch screens, handheld electronics and other office equipment.
  • Gently wipes away dirt, dust and fingerprints in one easy step.
  • Pre-moistened wipes are antistatic, non-abrasive, alcohol and ammonia-free.


  • Includes 200 individually packed wipes.
  • Safely and effectively cleans office screens.
  • Safe for computer, laptop, netbook, cell phone, PDA, GPS and MPS.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Individual foil packets


  • Includes one tub of 80 screen-cleaning wipes.
  • Premoistened, antistatic wipes are soft and thick to safely remove dust, dirt and lint from sensitive computer and laptop screens.
  • Quick-drying, no-streak formula.


  • Includes one tub of 100 screen-cleaning wipes.
  • Safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from all types of computer screens and glass surfaces.
  • Works on all LCD and CRT screens, privacy and anti-glare filters, PDAs, scanners and TV screens.
  • Not for use on mesh screens.


  • Includes 24 screen cleaning wipes.
  • Powerful screen cleaning and static control, with convenience and economy of a one-step product.
  • Removes dirt, dust and stubborn fingerprints.
  • Nonstreaking, nonabrasive, antistatic solution quickly evaporates.
  • Not for use on nylon mesh/polarized antiglare screens.


  • Includes 24 individually wrapped screen cleaning wipes.
  • Premoistened, soft and lint-free wipes are ideal for removing smudges and fingerprints from delicate laptop screens.
  • Conveniently packaged to slip right in with your laptop.


  • Includes 18 cleaning wipes.
  • Premoistened, germicidal wipes clean and disinfect keyboards, office equipment and hard, nonporous surfaces.


  • Includes 24 premoistened swabs.
  • Has it been a while since you cleaned your keyboard?
  • Premoistened swabs remove dust and dirt from tight crevices quickly and easily.
  • Formula dries quickly and leaves no harmful residue.


  • Includes 14 twin packs of wet/dry screen cleaning wipes.
  • Don't let dirt, smudges and fingerprints get in the way of your work.
  • These premoistened wipes are safe to use on laptop, LCD, CRT and PDA screens.
  • They're also ideal for glass and plastic screens.


  • Includes 40 twin packs of wet/dry screen cleaning wipes.
  • Heavily saturated wet wipe neutralizes static and removes dust, dirt and oil.
  • Strong, dry, absorbent cloth dries and polishes screen to streak-free clarity.
  • Ideal for large or heavily soiled computer and display screens, TVs and more.
  • Not for use on nylon mesh/polarized antiglare screens.